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The top 10 teams will get their idea reviewed by the final panel of judges. The top winner will receive a $250,000 grant to develop and market their idea.

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Friday, February 17

Thank you to all of you! (AND KEEP VOTING!)

When I consider how far this group has come, I can't believe it. We began at my dining room table, sharing our hopes about this FLL season and setting goals based on what the kids wanted to accomplish. As a coach, my job has never been to feed them what they need to know, but to connect them with the resources and mentors they need to accomplish their goals. It really is ALL ABOUT THE KIDS!

It is miraculous to watch these kids and think about the baby steps they've taken to get past each hurdle along the way. When we entered the Global Innovation Award race, I wasn't sure they could reach the top ten, but KNOWING they have a solid innovation idea, decided to think positively. With your help, today we passed 9,000 votes, and are (for the moment) in 6th place, worldwide! With the momentum we've got I now think the #1 spot is within reach . . . but if we slow down now, other teams can quickly eclipse us. Let's keep this train rolling! Voting continues until March 1st.


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